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Sentinels Beat Fnatic, Become Masters Reykjavík Champions

The first offline Valorant event has ended with the grand final it deserved. North America’s representative Sentinels surpassed Europe’s Fnatic 3-0 to become the champion of Valorant Champions Tour Stage 2 Masters Reykjavík.

Courtesy of Sentinels

The grand final headed to Split as its first playground. Sentinels began with a quick start, which was expected, just the same as Fnatic’s return. Despite losing both pistol rounds, Europe’s representative did a great job in reading its opponent’s mind, taking the lead and momentum. However, Sentinels remembered who they are, forcing the game into overtime, and winning the first map point, 14-12.

In the next round, Fnatic proved in the early game why Bind is one of Fnatic’s castles, showcasing the team’s well-designed attacks and post plant plans, winning rounds one by one at the beginning. Watching both teams trying to adapt each other’s strategies was a pure Valorant experience, but Sentinels’ individuals put an end to the map in another overtime, winning Bind 16-14, and expanding its series lead to 2-0.

Unfortunately, Fnatic’s last hope hung in Haven, which is among Sentinels’ best maps. Coming into the map with full confidence, Fnatic’s hope was crushed by North America, as Sentinels came down on its rival by winning clutch situations consecutively. The score of the first half was 9-3 Sentinels, and to come back from that is quite a hard task for anybody, even professional teams. Fnatic put their hearts in, every member of the team stepped up and turned their firepower on, tying the game 9-9. As Fnatic looked like they were stealing the momentum from Sentinels, it was the time for ShahZaM and his friends to stop Fnatic, which they did. They increased the speed, upped their game, and passed the finish line by ending the series with a 13-11 Haven victory.

With that, Sentinels finished the series 3-0, winning the tournament and the title of Champion.

Besides being the champion of the first offline event of Valorant, Sentinels earned 400 Circuit Points for the Valorant Champions event which will be held at the end of the year.

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