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Secrets of the Maw: Crossovers between Little Nightmares and its DLCs

As mentioned in some of our other Little Nightmares articles, there are a couple significant moments of overlap between the main game and the DLC, where players can recognize distinctive settings that both characters run through, with the DLC setting up some of the paths used in the main game, and vice versa. So here are some of the most distinctive and memorable scenes and overlaps to keep an eye out for during your next playthrough.

This photo, and all photos in this article, courtesy of Tarsier Studio & BANDAI NAMCO

For the most part, the events of the DLCs happen slightly before, or at the same time as the events in the main game, so if you haven’t played either yet, I would recommend playing the main game and then the DLCs. This will make it easier to spot overlaps, and if you choose to play the main game again afterwards, it leads to fun moments of recognition as you can catch these overlapping moments once again. Without further ado, we begin in the Prison.

Little Nightmares Prison 1
Secrets of the Maw: Crossovers between Little Nightmares and its DLCs 10
Screenshots from The Depths DLC

Runaway Kid (the protagonist of all three DLCs) begins his journey here, as he makes his initial escape attempt from the Janitor. The entire area is the same as the one that Six runs through near the later end of the first chapter of the main game, but we know that Runaway Kid goes through it first from a couple key details. Aside from the fact that we don’t actually see Runaway Kid while we play as Six, we do see Six use a rope to climb into the Prison, which we saw set up and deployed by the girl Runaway Kid was initially following.

Six Prison Little Nightmares
Six about to enter the Prison.

From there, our two kids take very different paths through the Maw, with Six working to evade the Janitor, and Runaway Kid evading the watery depths with the Granny. They meet up one last time at the very end of The Depths, as Runaway Kid gets caught by the Janitor, leading to the first time when Six and Runaway Kid share a screen in the room full of cages. Runaway Kid is the first to be taken away by the Janitor, and our heroes diverge once again.

Six Birdcage Little Nightmares
Screenshot from the end of The Depths DLC

 The next we see their paths cross is in the next chapter of DLC, The Hideaway. While not on the main path for either of our heroes, both characters can gain access to a secret room with a large mechanical eye set into the wall, with a button on a console below. When activated, the eye opens and closes several times, showing various sections of the Maw, like a camera room spying through the various eye symbols all throughout the Maw. It’s hard to see if we can spot the Runaway Kid, given his nondescript appearance, but we can clearly see Six in her distinctive yellow rain jacket, moving through the room full of shoes. This gives us another timeline clue in between the two paths, as at that point Runaway Kid is still evading the Janitor, as the Janitor has yet to be defeated by Six.

Maw Little Nightmares
Secrets of the Maw: Crossovers between Little Nightmares and its DLCs 11
Little Nightmares Hideaway
From The Hideaway DLC

Six and Runaway Kid don’t meet again until the very end of The Residence DLC, and they don’t meet onscreen in the DLC at all. Through the events of The Residence, our poor Runaway Kid is transformed into one of the diminutive Nomes that are seen all throughout the Maw, showing that all the Nomes were former children. We see that he ended up in the Guest Area, where he wanders for a bit before staying in a distinctive room with a single sausage left on the ground. The DLC ends there, but those who’ve played the main game will remember this room as the one where Six is offered a sausage during the worst of her hunger by a small, friendly Nome. While things don’t end so well for our Nome boy, Six does get her meal in the end, which may have helped in her ultimate escape from the Maw.

The Residence Little Nightmares
Secrets of the Maw: Crossovers between Little Nightmares and its DLCs 12
Little Nightmares Residence
Screenshots from The Residence DLC

And that’s the end of the overlap between Little Nightmares and its 3 chapters of DLC. While things didn’t work out between these two kids, things look more promising in Little Nightmares II, where cooperation between runaway kids seems to be more of an integral gameplay element, with puzzles requiring each other’s help to solve. For now, we’ll have to wait and see. 

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