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Seattle Surge Secures First Sweep of the Season Against Paris Legion

The Seattle Surge didn’t really perform its best in the first stage of 2021’s CDL action. It looks like the second stage is a lot more fortunate for the team. Seattle secured its first sweep of the season against Paris Legion with a solid performance against a struggling team.

SEattle Surge over Paris Legion Stage 2 1
Courtesy of Seattle Surge


The series started head to head. Both teams secured the Hardpoint evenly and met each other at the 60-point mark. This was a big milestone because the Surge led the map after this point. The Paris Legion picked up some points but it seemed like a desperation play as Seattle was clearly the superior team. As a result, the map ended in 11 minuıtes with a score of 250-197. Gunless had 29 kills and 3,450 points on the side of Seattle. Skrapz was a real monster though, he tried everything he could and secured 33 kills, but Fire’s poor performance with only 10 kills was the decision maker of the game. 

Search and Destroy

The Seattle Surge was the only leader in the second game SnD. From start to end, the Paris Legion had nothing to do but respect Surge’s moves. The Seattle Surge won the second map reaching the six-round mark while only dropping one. Prestinni played his heart out and stepped up, securing seven kills and scoring 1,275 points. Seattle’s behind-the-scenes hero was Gunless for sure. Even though he only got 5 kills, Gunless dealt 235.71 damage per round which helped the team a lot.


The last map was totally one-sided in favor of the Seattle Surge, which grabbed an easy 3-0 win in Control to complete the sweep. Once again, Gunless was the key man, the man that we had our eyes on from the very start. He scored 3,900 points and grabbed 22 kills. 

The Seattle Surge has now reached two wins and the team is right behind the Dallas Empire in the standings. If Empire loses to Minnesota ROKKR, the team will share the first spot with the Seattle Surge. A lot of the fans were expecting a different second stage performance from the Paris Legion, but the team failed to satisfy its fans. Paris has anchored itself at the very bottom of the group with three losses and only one win.

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