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Seattle Surge Defeats London Royal Ravens, Takes First Win of Season

The Seattle Surge did a great job by acquiring Gunless, Loony and Prestini during the offseason, and while the team’s promising roster had an awful start, it managed to come back stronger against the London Royal Ravens.

Surge over Ravens 1
Photo courtesy of London Royal Ravens

Game 1

Both teams were considered as low-tier teams, but I have to admit that the gameplay was absolutely next level in this match. Gunless made great plays in the first game, which helped the Seattle Surge get the win. Hardpoint ended 250-229 in favor of the Surge, and Gunless had a massive 40-kill performance. Loony’s 33 kills were also important for Seattle. On the other hand, Ravens legendary player Parasite couldn’t carry his squad.

Game 2

The Seattle Surge started the game by winning rounds over and over again, and it was the favorite after reaching round point while only dropping two rounds of its own. Alexx and Dylan stood out, but Gunless and Octane were a lot better. These two managed to pick up 22 kills combined and led their team to the match point. Down 2-0, London had to find a grove to sneak back in this one.

Game 3

The London Royal Ravens shook off the rust before entering the third game and played like a different team. Parasite and his teammates won the Control map 3-1 and got back in the series. Octane played his heart out and even though he secured 30 kills and dealt 5,418 damage in total, the London Royal Ravens were the better team in the game.

Game 4

The British representative deleted its opponent from the battlefield and won the Hardpoint by a score of 250-115. Dylan’s 23 kills came in handy for the Ravens as he managed to deal 4,349 damage throughout the game. Loony’s poor performance was the main problem for the Surge, with only 12 kills to his name.

Game 5

Things got serious and the Seattle Surge players didn’t want to witness a reverse sweep in their second game together. Octane and Gunless joined forces in order to stop Parasite, and as a result, ended the hope of a reverse sweep.

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