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Scump accuses CDL of Censorship, Takes to Twitter

2017 World League Champion Scump is having trouble with Call of Duty League’s (CDL) administration. The 25-year-old player asserted CDL was “not letting players consult their lawyers for contracts.” Scump also mentioned the punishment he faced for playing a different game on Twitch during a sponsored stream.

Photo courtesy of Twitter

Earlier today, Scump tweeted about the sanction CDL levied against him for playing Raid Shadow Legends on his stream. “I haven’t spoken of this publicly really, but I was fined for playing Raid Shadow Legends during a sponsored stream,” he said. “It was during the off season as well which makes it worse. My channels are MY channels. I should be able to do what I please, but apparently I can’t.”

The reason for the judgement was revealed to be “promoting another game from Call of Duty,” according to the star player. The sponsored stream was two months ago, which is still an available vod on Scump’s Twitch channel.

However, this was not Scump’s only complaint against CLD. According to OpTic player, CDL doesn’t let players negotiate contracts with their lawyers. In his latest tweet, “The CDL also made us sign a player ‘contract’ in front of them without allowing us to run it by lawyers at the player summit” he said. “It was a ‘sign it now or you can’t play at Minnesota’ type exchange. I’m probably get fined for this too just letting y’all know.”

His tweets received so much attention from fans alongside public personalities. Many of them showed their support to Scump and accused CDL. In one of his replies, Scump said this “Has made me question continuing to compete.”

These tweets continue to garner attention, totally over 40k likes at the time of this article. It’s still unknown if the Call of Duty League administration will fine Scump for these tweets or not, and has not been reached for comment.

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