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Scholarship seeks to empower LGBTQ+ game developers and esports athletes

Courtesy of ESA Foundation

Applications for the Entertainment Software Association Foundation’s LGBTQ+ Service Scholarship are open. If you or someone you know is a member of the LGBTQ+ community attending college full time who’s interested in breaking into the game industry, you best submit your application ASAP. 

The goal of the Entertainment Software Foundation is to seek out and foster diversity in STEM fields, particularly those relating to gaming. According to the ESA site, the foundation has given out upwards of 400 scholarships since the organization’s founding in 2007. 

The LGBTQ+ service scholarship specifically seeks to empower women and LGBTQ+ folks actively participating in their communities to pursue degrees relating to video game development and related fields.

For the LGBTQ+ scholarship, which was established in 2019, the ESA Foundation has partnered with Gay Gaming Professionals, an organization focused on creating a network of LGBTQ+ game developers and allied professionals in the gaming industry at large. 

In a Medium post, ESA Executive Director Anastasia Staten commented on being “proud to team up with GGP and expand [their] commitment to create a more diverse and socially engaged workforce.”

In the same Medium post, Gordon Bellamy, video game industry veteran and president of Gay Gaming Proffessionals, was struck with joy to discover just how many past applicants to the scholarship are working to make gaming and the world outside of their studies a better and more accepting place. 

One of the recent additions to the LGBTQ+ service scholarship was an additional scholarship for college students participating in collegiate esports programs and clubs. To qualify for the scholarship, you must be attending a university program full-time and apply at the ESA Foundations website.

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