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Schalke 04 Dominates Fnatic 3-0 in LEC 2021 Spring Playoffs

The second team to bid farewell to the LEC 2021 Spring Playoffs became clear Friday. Schalke 04 succeeded in beating Fnatic with a dominant performance in the lower bracket, eliminating Fnatic from the tournament.

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Courtesy of Schalke

Game 1

Managing to claim the first three dragons in the game, Fnatic tried to get things back on the track by catching its opponents one by one, but Schalke 04 was more prepared in terms of macro game. The late-game power of the German-based team was huge, and it closed out the game in the 34th minute after taking two barons.

Game 2

Miscalculations, wrong engagements, making mistakes… Fnatic performed many things incorrectly in this game. Schalke had better scaling composition once more with Gangplank, Viktor and Xayah while Fnatic suffered from the lack of damage. Both teams focused on their different lanes, but Schalke 04 benefited from its decision since Broken Blade could keep his advantage till the late game. The team fight that occurred in the 23rd minute was the end of Fnatic; Schalke took the Nashor afterward and ended the game in the 29th minute.

Game 3

This was the do or die game for Fnatic and actually everything was going pretty good for Fnatic until the bot lane fight. Abbedagge obtained three kills in a single fight with Corki, who was supposed to be farming until the late game to become active, and this was the danger bell for Fnatic. After that, the whole momentum of the game passed to Schalke’s side, increased its leads and became a snowball that nobody could stop. In the 25th minute,the “underdog” team won another team fight and won the series 3-0.

The LEC 2021 Spring season ended for Fnatic with an unexpected result. Meanwhile, Schalke 04 will face Rogue in the round three of the lower bracket Sunday.

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