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Say Goodbye to PlayStation Store’s TV and Movie Purchases or Rentals

PlayStation 1
Courtesy of Sony

When is Sony not making moves? They’ve blessed the world with the new PlayStation 5, made previous generation games compatible, and announced they’ll continue offering digital copies of games for the comfort and safety of folks hesitant to go to stores and pick up physical copies. As smooth as a Giannis Euro Step, they’re scoring points with the gaming community.

Changes are still coming, though, and not everyone will be keen on the decision.

Beginning August 31, 2021, the PlayStation Store will no longer offer movie and TV purchases and rentals.

PlayStation 2
Courtesy of Sony

The Head of Video Business, Vanessa Lee, laid out the decision on the PlayStation Blog. 

Here is what she had to say:

We’ve seen tremendous growth from PlayStation fans using subscription-based and ad-based entertainment streaming services on our consoles. With this shift in customer behavior, we have decided to no longer offer movie and TV purchases and rentals through PlayStation Store. When this change takes effect, users can still access movie and TV content they have purchased through PlayStation Store for on-demand playback on their PS4, PS5 and mobile devices”

The move makes sense with the market flooded with streaming platforms available to the public. Moving forward, their movie and TV services won’t appeal to users as it once did in the past.

Lee supplemented the blog by saying the gaming juggernaut wants to focus their efforts on the products people crave most from PlayStation: games. 

Thankfully, your past investments won’t be all for naught. Users will still have access to any movie or TV purchases made prior to the August 31 deadline, which will remain available across PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 as well as mobile devices. 

While some may find the move unfortunate, the fact remains that if their focus is going to be games, this may be an addition-by-subtraction decision. It’s a silver lining—and that’s okay. Keep up the good work, PlayStation. We have faith in you!

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