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Sage: Final Fantasy XIV’s Stylish New Job

The Sage Healer Job is coming to Final Fantasy XIV later this year amongst other new exciting developments for the MMO.

This image, and all images in this article, courtesy of Square Enix

The Final Fantasy XIV Announcement Showcase revealed much to be in store for the critically acclaimed MMORPG, including the new Endwalker expansion and the game’s arrival to PlayStation 5 consoles. Along with these huge announcements came the confirmation of two new incoming Jobs, one Melee DPS Job and one Healer Job, with the former set to be revealed at a later date. With careful attention to the general spectrum of player feedback and commentary, Final Fantasy XIV’s new expansion will see the arrival of the Sage Job.

Sage: Final Fantasy XIV's Stylish New Job 5

With its addition to the Disciples of Magic, Sage will be the fourth Healer Job after White Mage, Scholar, and Astrologian. It is the first new Job to be revealed for the Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker expansion. The Sage will not require any Classes and the two conditions necessary to perform this Job include having at least one other Job at level 70 and the purchase of the Endwalker expansion. The starting level for Sage will be 7 and the main weapon of choice will be a unique set of arms to Final Fantasy XIV, known as nouliths. Nouliths are aether-imbued weapons depicted with glowing arcane energy that the player manipulates in a telekinetic manner. Their visual presentation will change depending on the specific weapon equipped. 

Sage: Final Fantasy XIV's Stylish New Job 6

Described as a “stylish” Job, the Sage is characterized as a Barrier Healer. They are definitively tasked with supporting the party via healing and barrier protection. In battle, they command their nouliths using aether and have the power to temporarily increase their magical strength and capabilities. Their fighting style emphasizes synergy and augmentation of abilities.

With regard to the battle style and performance of the Sage, the status of the current Healer Jobs needed to be addressed. Of the three current playable Healer Jobs, White Mage, Scholar, and Astrologian, White Mage may be classified as a Pure Healer type whereas Scholar is a Barrier Healer type. At the announcement, Sage was described to be a Barrier Healer type. With respect to this, the developers confirmed their plans to further distinguish Pure Healers from Barrier Healers in order to provide a unique player experience for every Job. Thus, the onslaught of the 6.0 patch will see modifications to the Astrologian Job to make it a Pure Healer-type Job, rendering it so that of the Healer Jobs available, there are a balance of two Pure Healers and two Barrier Healers. These changes will reportedly be incorporated into the Raid Finder mechanic as well. 

Sage: Final Fantasy XIV's Stylish New Job 7

The Sage Job is set to become available with the arrival of the Endwalker expansion in the Fall of 2021. The Job Quests for the Sage will reportedly begin in the Final Fantasy XIV location, Limsa Lominsa. Furthermore, it was revealed that major supporting character Alphinaud Leveilleur would be Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker’s newest Sage, with heavy implications that his transition to this Job is a significant story element. The context and reasoning behind his decision to switch to the Sage role will be revealed through the events of EndwalkerFinal Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is slated for release in Fall 2021. The Sage Job will become available upon the arrival of the 6.0 update and is expected to offer a completely unique and innovative experience for players.

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