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Royal Never Give Up Secures Back-To-Back Wins in LPL Summer Split

Royal Never Give Up showed impressive performances during the LPL 2021 Spring Split and MSI some afterward; however, it’s Summer Split performance has been disastrous considering original expectations. Before the fifth week, RNG had only one win and faced five losses, but the team managed to come back with two important wins against LGD and IG. RNG is now sitting at three wins and five losses, two wins away from the playoff bracket. 

Summer Split
Courtesy of Riot Games

LPL 2021 Spring Split

After Uzi’s departure, we weren’t sure if Royal Never Give Up would fill his shoes, but surprisingly GALA has been the best performing player on the roster. Taking GALA’s contribution in stride, RNG had no trouble winning the LPL Spring Season and qualifying for MSI. The team had 14 wins and two losses in the regular season. Despite a tough loss against FunPlus Phoenix in the playoffs, GALA and his teammates managed to come back from the losers bracket to take revenge from FPX in the final stage. 


DAMWON KIA and Royal Never Give Up were the favorites of this year’s MSI. RNG won all its games during the first stage and finished the second stage behind DAMWON KIA. The team didn’t make any mistakes in the playoff stage and lifted the trophy with a 3-2 win over DAMWON KİA in the finals. GALA won the MVP award in the final with his incredible Kai’Sa performances. RNG’s game plan and individual performances were indisputably the best in the world; however, things changed as we got to the Summer Split.

LPL 2021 Summer Split

Royal Never Give Up had a disastrous start to the season, losing two games in a row against Oh My God and LNG Esports. The team showed an impressive performance against Rogue Warriors in its third game of the split and secured its first win but fell short against LPL’s strong teams, Top Esports and Suning, in back-to-back matches. RNG looked lost in both games with big mistakes and bad calls that it hasn’t made in at least three months. After last week, things may have changed considering its wins over LGD and IG. RNG managed to 2-0 both of its opponents with stable performances.

What went wrong?

First, the biggest aspect of RNG’s fall was its players being burned out after MSI. Burnout is a common thing we see in esports. When players don’t have much time to rest and relax, fatigue catches up and underperforming follows. Xiaohu and Ming are the most experienced players on the roster and they are probably not as hungry for victory as GALA or Wei, because these two have achieved enough and been playing in the scene for a long time. 

On top of that, RNG makes so many mistakes in the later stages of the games. In the win against Rogue Warriors, GALA stepped up with a 15/0/6 Varus performance to carry his team to the victory, which was the biggest reason RNG won that series despite its decreasing performance.

After seeing its week five performance, RNG’s comeback seems legit as the team looked like it was back to its roots: strong early-game, precise map movements, and definitive late-game calls. Wei’s pathing has also been on point. Royal Never Give Up may win a lot of games in the upcoming weeks and for sure compete in playoffs if it keeps up with this performance.

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