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Royal Never Give Up Upsets FunPlus Phoenix, Advances Into First Spot

EDward Gaming had a wonderful start to the season and didn’t drop a game until yesterday. On the other hand, Royal Never Give Up was another team with a great start, and today, it tossed EDG from the first spot. To be honest, it was easily the best game in the season for sure. Fights, trades, skirmishes, macro plays, basically everything seemed even, and both teams were so close for the win. If you missed the game, you better check the highlights on YouTube.

RNG over FPX 1
Photo courtesy of LPL

Game 1

Doinb picked Sion mid. RNG wanted to dive the bottom tower but they didn’t know Beichuan was right behind his bottom lane. As a result, RNG failed the dive and FPX got away with two kills including the first blood. RNG matched FPX in terms of kills but was still behind in gold. FPX forced deep fights and RNG’s disengage led the team in these fights. Gala kept his team in the competition with his Kai’Sa plays. FunPlus Phoenix made so many mistakes but still managed to get the Baron buff and started the sieges. Late game was a real fiesta as the lead changed hands after every minute, but in the end, RNG secured the Baron buff and won the last fight. FPX fought till the end but couldn’t prevent a loss.

Game 2

Nuguri’s Renekton had a lead in the laning phase over Xiaohu’s Sion as expected, but his early ‘troll’ teleport to the other side of the Rift made him lose all the lead he had. Nuguri’s support Crisp joined his teammate with another ‘troll’ gameplay, and he gave away the first blood to Wei. Wei used this lead and invested in the late stages as he secured two drakes on his own. RNG found fights that it could benefit from, but the gold was still even. Ming made some beautiful engagements with his Alistar and stepped up as the X-factor for his team. RNG developed its lead by increasing the gold gap and closed out the series in 30 minutes.

The right term to explain FPX’s 2021 season is definitely unlucky. After Tian’s health issues, FPX had to deal with Bo’s match-fixing confessions and promoted Beichuan to the main roster. To be honest, Beichuan didn’t underperform against RNG, but the team has to decide on their game plan.

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