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Royal Never Give Up Secures Spot in LPL Playoffs

Uzi’s retirement announcement not only upset RNG but all of us, LPL fans. People were questioning if RNG could be the best team once again in China after Uzi’s departure. Here is your answer: YES! After Xiaohu’s role swap, Cryin joined the roster and showed his potential with his champion pool. RNG showed great performances in the regular season and guaranteed itself a spot in playoffs with two weeks left to play.

RNG Playoff Spot 1 1
Courtesy of LPL

Royal Never Give Up has looked great during the first weeks of competition, but EDward Gaming was the superior team in LPL at the beginning. However, after some time, RNG managed to beat the Scout-Viper duo to regain the leadership.  When Xiaohu picks Gnar, there is no way this team loses to be honest.

RNG is sitting at 11 wins and one loss. The team’s closest follower is EDward Gaming with 10 wins and two losses. Both teams qualified for the playoffs but the first seed race is still alive. If RNG wins all four games next two weeks, it will go directly to the quarterfinals and wait for the winner of the lower bracket seed that will be played by the fourth-seeded team and another lower-seeded team. In this scenario, if EDG finishes in the second seed, it will also start from the quarterfinal, but its opponent will be either a lower bracket team or the third-seeded team in LPL.

Royal Never Give Up will face JD Gaming, Top Esports, Rare Atom and LNG. EDward Gaming’s opponents will be Top Esports, eStar Gaming, Team WE and LNG. Both fixtures look almost identical in terms of power rankings. The upcoming weeks will decide who will secure the first seed and have an advantage in the playoffs.

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