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Rogue’s Win Over Fnatic Secures Second Consecutive Victory in LEC

At the LEC’s last game of week one day two, European powerhouse Fnatic and last season’s prominent team Rogue faced off against each other. While Fnatic was looking for its first win of the season, Rogue achieved its second straight victory in just 28 minutes.

Photo courtesy of LEC

The determinant of the game was individual performances. Even though both teams had similar late games and teamfight power, players of Rogue looked so much better. Fnatic’s picks were Volibear-Graves-Galio-Aphelios-Braum while Rogue’s were Renekton-Pantheon-Twisted Fate-Ka’iSa-Rakan.

Throughout the game, the side which tried to play proactive was Rogue. The 2020 summer season champions started to punish its opponent from the beginning as Inspired ganked bot lane in the fourth minute and secured the first blood for his team. Getting a lead is one thing, but turning that into a bigger advantage is another. Rogue didn’t put the brakes on, amplifying its lead and taking down two dragons in the 12th minute.

Despite seeking and trying to create chances, Fnatic wasn’t able to turn the situation around. It managed to get several kills because the game’s speed had increased, but the powerhouse couldn’t obtain an actual advantage. Besides, the bad individual performances made things harder, as returning from this point was nearly impossible.

Every passing second, Twisted Fate and Kai’Sa of Rogue got bigger and became unkillable forces. In the 22th minute, Rogue won a huge teamfight in the mid lane thanks to clever TP from Larsson. The team caught every member of Fnatic one by one, then took the Nashor buff. 

After only a minute of taking the Nashor buff, Fnatic had to fight one more time to prevent Rogue from taking its fourth dragon. Despite Nisqy’s tremendous teamfight initiation, Fnatic gave up four kills and lost the dragon soul.

When you have a Kai’Sa with eight kills alongside a fed Twisted Fate, life is easier. In the 28th minute, Rogue pushed the bot lane as a team, took the inhibitor, slayed Fnatic once more and finished the game to win its second game in the first week of LEC.

LEC action will continue tomorrow with five games.

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