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Rogue Rebrands For 2021

Lots of esports teams decided to rebrand for the upcoming season. Some of them changed their names or logo and some of them left the scene by selling their spots. Rogue is one of the teams which made a logo change. According to the team’s announcement, the logo they will be using for the upcoming season will be the one seen below:

Photo courtesy of Rogue

Northern American esports organizations are examples of “professionalism” in the business sector. Rogue is one of these teams and it is known as one of the best, if not the best. Rogue’s transparency and seriousness can be seen through social media channels where they publish information about teams inside. 

Rogue’s parent company ReKTGlobal is a well-known company all around the world. The company’s marketing abilities and future plans came in handy for the Rogue organization in particular because names like DJ Steve Aoki, DJ Nicky Romero and NBA star Rudy Gobert not only showed interest but invested in the team.

Courtesy of Rogue

The organization’s most-known team is the League of Legends roster, which competes in LEC. After a disappointing year in 2019, Rogue managed to come back stronger than ever and finished the 2020 Summer Regular Season in first place. After their success in the playoff bracket, the 5-man roster made it to the Worlds 2020 stage. Other than League of Legends, Rogue competes in Rocket League, Apex Legends and Rainbow 6 Siege.

New year, new season and a “barely” new Rogue. Let’s see what 2021 brings to the team and their new logo.

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