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Rogue Knocks Out Schalke 04, Proceeds to Lower Bracket Final

This is the end for Schalke 04 in the LEC 2021 Spring Playoffs. Rogue took over Schalke 04 with a 3-1 win in the lower bracket of the playoffs and knocked it out of the tournament.

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Courtesy of the LEC

Game 1

Rogue won the game before it started, at the pick screen. The only thing Rogue needed to do was not get caught out of position, which it did perfectly. Except Broken Blade with Irelia, Schalke didn’t have the tools to reach its opponent’s carries or start a team fight. Rogue played the game by the book and won the first match of the series easily.

Game 2

Unlike the first game, Schalke 04 logged into the server to play along with an unusual choice picking Nocturne for Broken Blade. We figured out as soon as the game started why the German-based team preferred the Nocturne pick since it stole all the range advantage from Gnar’s hand. 

Despite giving up the lead in the bottom lane, Schalke 04 sat the driver seat of the game when Nocturne hit six. It was capable of starting team fights thanks to Nocturne’s darkness and Hecarim, which was the key to the triumph. Despite suffering a little bit due to inability of sieging, Schalke 04 managed to tie the series.

Game 3

The bot lane differences became clear in this match the most. Hans, Sama and Trymbi displayed their level clearly and helped Rogue win this match, though Broken Blade got the advantage in the top lane. With Larssen popping off in the last team fights, Rogue obtained the lead once more, 2-1.

Game 4

Schalke 04’s weaknesses in the bot lane in previous matches forced it to make some changes on its game plan, such as giving Karma to Broken Blade; however, it wasn’t enough to get the victory. The game was absolutely back and forth, and both sides found shots to close out the game, but Rogue was the one pulled it out thanks to consecutive mistakes by Schalke.

Rogue’s hopes still continue after the victory; it’s going to face G2 Esports next week, looking to get the last ticket into the finals.

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