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Rogue Beats SK Gaming, Secures Its 13th Win in LEC

The regular season of LEC 2021 Spring has come to an end. In the opening match of last week, Rogue increased its triumphs to 13 against SK Gaming. Trymbi’s Rell continued to shine and helped his team get the W.

Rouge over SK Gaming 1
Courtesy of LEC

SK Gaming’s rotation on the map is one of its strongest assets, and Rogue answered that in the pick screen with Sion, Nidalee, Syndra, Kai’Sa and Rell. On the other hand, SK preferred Aatrox, Lillia, Zoe, Xayah and Alistar.

The game started quite fast with Inspired’s gank to the mid lane, which gave him first blood in the second minute. However, this was only the beginning of Blue’s suffering. The Turkish mid laner teleported back to his lane, but Trymbi was already there to kill Blue for the second time in four minutes.

Thanks to the advantage earned through mid lane, Rogue players were able to push their lanes freely and obtain the dragons alongside Herald. When the clock showed the 11th minute, there was a 2.5k gold lead in favor of Rogue.

Unlike the expectations, Rogue decided not to fight and destroyed the turrets with slow play. Larssen and his friends expended the lead, but first sight of SK’s comeback came in the 24th minute. Despite being far behind, SK Gaming tied the team fight in the top river. Afterward, it caught Rogue’s members in the mid lane once more, won the team fight and secured its first dragon while decreasing the gold difference to 5K.

However, Rogue didn’t intend to lose this game. In the 31st minute, Trymbi showed his capabilities with Rell, bringing in a huge team fight with a superb engagement. After that, there wasn’t much hope for SK Gaming, and Rogue ended the game in 38 minutes.

It’s a super week in LEC, so there are two more matches for both teams. Currently, SK Gaming is sitting in fifth place with eight wins. Rogue, on the other hand, secured the playoffs already with 13 wins.

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