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Rocket League’s Rumble mode is wild

I have said it once, I will say it again: I am terrible at Rocket League. That being said, my boys and I have recently been playing the “Rumble” mode, and I’m actually not that bad. Here is how the mode works: it’s very similar to regular Rocket League, except there are Mario Kart-type power-ups. Each player receives a random power-up every 10 seconds which can totally change the way the game is going at any given moment.

Rocket League 1
Courtesy of Forbes

Because Rumble mode puts less stress on the actual mechanics of the game and more emphasis on my skill at using the power-ups, I can actually hold my own. In normal mode, I’m always unable to control my car the way I want to, but in Rumble, it doesn’t really affect my skills as much. If you’re a person who stopped playing Rocket League because your opponents were too sweaty, I highly recommend trying again on Rumble mode. Yes, the players are still super sweaty, but the power-ups give you a little edge which can push you past the sweats. The element of luck is more apparent in Rumble mode, as the entire game can be changed just by getting lucky and getting a good power-up. Think of it as similar to Mario Kart. You could be way ahead in first place about to win, but an opponent gets a blue shell and totally destroys you. Rumble mode gives Rocket League the similar luck factor which makes Mario Kart so entertaining.

Each power-up does something entirely different, which can affect the flow of the game. I find myself using the ones which affect other players really well. I don’t want to get too into the specifics of the power-ups, as I also have an article which explains and ranks each one. But it’s crucial to note that each power-up is useful in its own way and packs the potential to totally shift the game.

I had never even heard of this mode until a couple days ago when my boys and I started playing. It has totally changed my opinion on Rocket League and has helped me up my skills in the game tremendously. To be honest, I need to finish up this article now so I can hop on with my boys for a couple games. If you have not played this mode yet, you are missing out. What are you waiting for?

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