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Rocket League Announces Gridiron Mode for Super Bowl LV

Rocket League is partnering with the NFL for a spectacular event in anticipation of the face off between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Super Bowl LV. From February 2 to February 8, players will have the option to play in Gridiron mode where the Champion’s Field will be retrofitted into a fully-fledged NFL stadium. 

Rocket League
Courtesy of Youtube, Lethamyr

Much like how the Snowy Day event replaced the traditional Rocket League soccer ball with a hockey puck, Gridiron mode will feature an elliptical American football to be passed around. The game mode will consist of teams of four players and will include three Super Bowl LV Celebration challenges for extra XP points and exclusive content.

The rules for Gridiron mode adopt certain qualities from the rules of professional American football. Coming into contact with the ball will attach it to the roof of your car. Whichever player becomes the ball carrier can pass the ball by utilizing the dodge option. Teammates have to touch the ball in order to become the new carrier. During a pass, players on the opposing team can touch the ball for an interception. Ball carriers can only use single jumps because double jumps will cause the car to release the ball.

The point system also mimics that of the NFL scoring system. Entering the opponents goal with the ball will award your team with 7 points. There aren’t any field goals in the mode but 3 points will be rewarded if the ball is passed in or if it’s loose. As mentioned before, the Champion’s arena is a football field for the purpose of Gridiron mode, which means that you’ll have to stay in bounds of the marked lines on the Arena wall or it will result in a fumble. 

Players will once again have access to the NFL Fan Pack, which was introduced for a limited time in December 2020.This means that players who didn’t get a chance to access the NFL Fan Pack last year will now be able to purchase their favorite team’s jersey leading up to Super Bowl LV.

New game modes such as Snowy Day and Gridiron are giving Rocket League fans a different game style compared to traditional modes which can help them better hone their in-game driving skills. Hopefully the success of these specialized events will lead to more professional sports partnerships in the future. 

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