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RNG’s Ming Reaches 3500 Assists In LPL

Ming has been a core part of the Royal Never Give Up organization with Uzi. RNG rebuilt its roster throughout recent history but managed to maintain its bot laner for a long time. Uzi’s retirement made Ming the oldest player on the roster and RNG kept him for a reason. This week, the Chinese support collected the 3500th assist in his career against IG. RNG managed to surpass Invictus Gaming, which you can check out here.

Ming 3500 1
Photo courtesy of LPL

Ming’s career started in 2015 under the Marvelous Gamers Brotherhood roof. Then, he joined Young Miracles. Back in that time, IG’s inactive jungler Ning used to play ADC and the deadly duo had incredible performances under the names of Ning-Ming. Ming’s LPL career started in 2016 with Royal Never Give Up. To be honest, his real esports career began after he joined RNG.

The Ning-Ming bot lane was separated and a new duo was formed, Uzi-Ming. Ming won countless LPL titles and MSI in 2018, while also appearing in Worlds. Throughout his career, he was the most consistent piece of the rosters he played on. We always knew what his capabilities were and he never upset the fans. 

This week, LPL’s Twitter account celebrated him with a special image showing his top three champions. Ming got 486 assists while playing Alistar. His Alistar has always been a huge deal and opponents showed respect to it. He also got 352 assists with Braum and 338 with Tahm Kench. During his time with Uzi, he used to pick Tahm Kench and let Uzi play his game, showing his support from back.

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