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RNG Ends Team WE’s Winning Streak With A Quick 2-0

Team WE looked strong in its first five matches and hasn’t dropped a single series. The team was sharing the first spot with EDG, and RNG was following these two teams with four wins. Today, RNG extended its streak to five games while ending Team WE’s undefeated title.

RNG beats WE 1
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Game 1

Both junglers had a quiet start. First blood was taken by Team WE after a team fight near Herald. RNG planned a five-man dive to bot lane and got three kills which were secured by GALA. The Chinese marksman increased his lead over Jiumeng from that point. After getting the Baron buff, RNG won every single team fight. Team WE couldn’t counter its opponent’s moves and fell behind. Royal Never Give up showed some solid macro plays. GALA’s Xayah was so strong that the team didn’t have any problems closing out the game in 29 minutes. 

Game 2

GALA and Ming used their chemistry and punished Jiumeng with a Flash play from Gragas. Xiaohu literally demolished Breathe and had over a 40-minion advantage in the mid game. GALA and Wei kicked in and carried their teammates in team fights. Wei’s Lillia plays were so effective, and GALA followed his jungler with his Kai’Sa ultis. RNG had a 7k-gold gap in 20 minutes, which pretty much summed up the game in general. Team WE showed a performance that was far away from its previous ones. Royal Never Give Up won the series with a score of 2-0.

Royal Never Give Up remains undefeated and evens its record with EDward Gaming. Unfortunately, one of the teams had to get its first loss today, and at the end, it was Team WE.

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