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RNG Defeats IG In Nail-Biting 3-Game Series

To be honest, RNG didn’t do too much in this one. It was more Invictus Gaming giving the game to its opponent as IG’s late game is still a big question mark. RNG took advantage of this weakness and grabbed the victory by a score of 2-1.

RNG over IG 1
Photo courtesy of Royal Never Give Up


Royal Never Give Up punished TheShy in the top lane with a three-man gank and secured the first blood. Both teams were silent during the early phase. RNG tried to start a fight but IG disengaged from it, and after a later fight, IG had the first lead of the game. Invictus Gaming played effectively during team fights as Xiaohu had a terrible Gnar performance. Invictus Gaming increased its lead and demolished enemy inhibs. IG took all the kills and closed out the game in 30 minutes. 

Game 2

XUN visited his teammate, TheShy, in the third minute as usual and grabbed the first blood from Xiaohu. IG had a small advantage going into the middle phase. On the other hand, Ming’s map moves closed the gap and the Chinese support used his Leona to get his team back in the game. RNG aced IG after the drake fight which pretty much punctuated the second game. Wei invested all his time on objectives and secured them all. IG’s questionable mechanical plays cost them the game. RNG demolished its opponent Nexus in 33 minutes.

Game 3

IG had a great early game. Rookie and his friends got three kills in a short amount of time and punished Wei’s Udyr. The team had a 4k-gold lead in 11 minutes. RNG tried to get TheShy behind, but the Korean superstar showed his talent and layed out an outstanding GP performance. IG managed to answer almost every move RNG made in the mid phase and maintained its gold lead. RNG fought for the win until the very end and Wei stole all the objectives from XUN. Xiaohu and Cryin had played incredibly well in team fights and RNG closed out the series coming back from 1-0.

Invictus Gaming’s biggest problem is still late-game shot-calling. They made horrible decisions and got punished by RNG.

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