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Riot Games Working on New Penalizing System for Voice Chat Abusers

Communication is among crucial elements in every online game, especially in FPS. However, not everyone is great at communication, and might say inappropriate things sometimes. In online multiplayer games, the odds of experiencing these kind of dialogues are pretty high, and VALORANT is looking for a new solution to shelve this issue.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Since its closed beta, VALORANT had a punishment system in place to penalize players who abuse the voice chat and in-game chat of the game. Unfortunately, as the game grew and obtained new users, it became harder to detect players who were misbehaving, ultimately causing the system to lose its efficiency. In response, Senior Producer of the game Ian “BrightEyez” Fielding said the dev team is building a fresh procedure, designed to be more punishing.

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Photo courtesy of Reddit

“We will be preventing players who have been penalized with chat and voice restrictions from playing ranked mode in the next two to three patches.” he said. “We are actively working on the tech, it’s taking a little bit longer than anticipated, but we are committed to building it.”

BrighEyez also mentioned they’ll have additional comms being released in the coming months to reduce disruptive behavior and make the penalty systems more robust. Still, we need to wait a little longer to have better voice chat.

Suspending players from playing ranked matches for a month maybe would decrease abusers, and this will amplify the numbers of high quality games. Even though the release date of the new system isn’t announced yet, I hope Riot brings it as soon as possible, since the game has been suffering due to in-game communication.

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