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Riot Unveils Worlds 2021 Plans, Announces Global Competition Schedule

Riot Games announced its plans for Worlds 2021 Friday, following a successful Worlds in Shanghai.

LoLEsports 1
Photo and all Subsequent photos courtesy of LoL Esports Media Center/Riot Games

In a statement from LoL Esports, Worlds 2021 will return to China and commit to a multi-city tour in what will be considered the largest esports event in history. Furthermore, it announced that the city of Shenzen, China would be the location of the World Finals.

“After a year full of unexpected challenges, amazing competition, and major milestones for our sport, we’re looking forward to a season that should be even more thrilling,” said John Needham, Global Head of Esports at Riot Games. “It’s only fitting that we return to China, home to our biggest league and tens of millions of longtime fans, to produce the world’s highest-caliber esports event in one of China’s most innovative cities.”

This announcement comes following a successful Worlds 2020. Riot Games announced that the Finals match between DAMWON Gaming and Suning saw an average minute audience (AMA) of 23.04 million and 45.95 million peak concurrent viewers (PCU). DAMWON would eventually win the series 3-0.

This also comes after the rebranding of major organizations such as the LCK, LCS and CBLOL as well as the shuttering of the OPL for the upcoming year. Each of these major organizations announced logo rebranding and new eras as major professional players retired and new players began their time.As Syft previously reported, the global League esports season starts with the LPL beginning on Saturday.

League Schedule
Riot Unveils Worlds 2021 Plans, Announces Global Competition Schedule 3

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