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Riot Games Suspends Sentinels’ Sinatraa for 6 Months

Courtesy of Riot Games

After two months of silence, Riot Games shared an update for sinatraa’s investigation about the allegations against him. The company suspended the player due to violating Rule 8.1 of the Valorant Global Competition Policy and failing to fully cooperate with the Tournament Operators. The player will also be required to complete professional conduct training.

On March 10, sinatraa’s ex-girlfriend, Cleo Hernandez, posted a nine-page document on Twitter that stated how she’s been sexually and emotionally abused by sinatraa during their relationship. Cleo added some screenshots along with a voice record to the statement and emphasized that she intends to cooperate with officials in every respect.

Riot Games took action immediately in this regard, starting an investigation and suspending the player during the investigation. Sinatraa, on the other hand, kept his silence besides mentioning he is going to provide the full audio and video clips which Cleo referenced in her post.

On May 17, Riot Games shared another statement and announced that Jay “Sinatraa” Won has been suspended for six months due to not cooperating with the officials and handing over the full audio and video clips. Considering the player’s suspension began in March, his duration will end on September 10. However, the ex-Overwatch player needs to complete professional conduct training prior to be able to return to play. The Competitive Operations team reserves the right to reopen the investigation and take further appropriate action as Riot said.

Following the official statement, sinatraa posted a twitlonger in which he apologized to Cleo and confessed that he never had the voice and video recordings. In addition, he said that it was the PR team’s idea, because they thought that the video would have to be shared in full since it’s a key part in the investigation.

However, Cleo claimed in her latest statement that the voice/video recordings are still in their text thread and she said that she would’ve shared the video if it had been requested from her by Riot Games. 

Syft will continue to update you as more information becomes available.

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