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Riot Stuns Shanghai With Opening Ceremony

In perhap Riot Game’s most ambitious opening ceremony to date, the opening to Damwon Gaming vs Suning performed miracle after miracle to bring the celebration of Worlds to light.

A life-sized Galio AR appears on stage. Courtesy of Riot Games

In the midst of the coronavirus ravaging the world, Worlds was not a certainty. However, the bubble system of the tournament saw players from all over the world compete for the Summoner’s Cup. The finals were held in Shanghai’s Pudong Football Stadium for 6000 fans, and Riot did not skimp out on any details for the worldwide event.

The event opened with a celebration about the history of the World Championship and how important the tenth World Championship is. From there, singer Lexie Liu performed a cover of KD/A’s Popstars, which also debuted at the Worlds Finals in 2018. 

With concerns over live singing due to the pandemic, Lexie’s performance charmed audiences in the arena and at home. Her rendition of the mega-hit in a more calm timber opened the world finals perfectly. 

But who else to follow than K-Pop band themselves KD/A. Combined with technology from Possible Productions, they performed their newest hit “More” with gorgeous augmented reality projecting the band to the stage. From Akali’s Ducati motorcycle to Seraphine flying in from the top of the stadium, the band was backed with talented dancers and choreographed by legendary dance troupe The Kinjaz.

Following them was a tribute to the champions of the past. Riot took memories from every world championship by introducing past singers (via video) including Chrissy Costanza, MAKO and even Imagine Dragons, all with choreography and cinematography from The Kinjaz.

It all lead up to a performance of Take Over – the anthem for Worlds 2020. Unfortunately, MAX, Jeremy McKinnon and Henry did not appear on stage. However, a drum corps provided an intense beat that kept the entire audience on their feet. Yet the most impressive memory came in a light show in which the entire city of Shanghai simultaneously shined the Worlds logos and Take Over across the skyline. The ending and introduction of the teams made the show. I’ll let this clip give it justice.

A giant Galio swooped down on stage and revealed the players of both Damwon and Suning for the crowd. An incredible feat of technology; I admit, my mouth was dropped when I saw this.

With the Worlds Opening Ceremony concluded, stay tuned for our coverage of Worlds 2020.

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