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Riot Releases Latest Valorant Ranked Leaderboard as Pros Question its Validity

In the absence of an actual in-game ranked leaderboard feature, Riot Games has opted to periodically release an updated version of the Top 100 players while they work on developing the real thing. 

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Because of Riot’s lack of transparency when it comes to saying how they are calculating these ranks, players have put in their own guesswork. Still, no one seems to truly know what the leaderboards are based off.

Others have pointed out that despite the accuracy of the rankings, queue times have been so outrageously long for some high-elo players that they are unable to even play on their main accounts, opting to play on alternate or “smurf” accounts instead. This further lowers the legitimacy of the rankings, as many players spread their games across multiple accounts. 

Still, as analysts, we must go off of the results we have, and what results they are. While in the past, Cloud9’s Tyson “TenZ” Ngo owned the rights to North America’s number one spot, this time it’s DOINKMACHINE97 who took the honor for himself while TenZ slid to number two. The first place account belongs to unsigned player poiz, who recently competed in First Strike with SOR and was eliminated from the tournament at the hands of Damian “daps” Steele and NRG. Poiz also holds the number eight and 13 ranks in North America along with his first place account. 

Across the Atlantic, Danish player Auni “AvovA” Chahade, currently playing for Team Heretics, secured the number one rank in Europe. CIS player flabben of PLATOON holds the number two spot. 

While some pro players and community figures celebrated their placements, many were left asking how their hours of grinding didn’t net them a spot in the top 100. Meanwhile, other players wondered what-in-the-world they were even doing on the leaderboards to begin with. 

Whether the Valorant rankings are well-founded or not, the onus is on Riot Games to increase their transparency, or just release a ranked leaderboard feature altogether so players aren’t left wondering about the validity of their ranks. 

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