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Riot Games Reveals VALORANT Champions Tour Schedule

Riot Games cares about the competitive scenes of its games, we’ve been seeing that for more than 10 years in League of Legends and now in VALORANT too. Even though VALORANT is relatively new, the FPS game provided great competition with PopFlash and First Strike tournaments in its first six months. They were just the beginning for the title as we’re heading into the first global event of VALORANT, VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 (VCT). In November, Riot Games announced VCT for all over the world without exact dates. Earlier this week, the company unveiled the schedule of VCT’s Stage 1 for nearly all regions.

Valorant 2021 Champions Tour 1
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

VALORANT Champions Tour will kick off with VALORANT Challengers as the first step of the tournament. Teams from 10 different regions will compete in their territory to qualify for VALORANT Masters and then eventually for VALORANT Champions. Here’s the starting schedule of VALORANT Challengers:

  • Brazil – Jan. 30
  • Commonwealth of Independent States(CIS) – Feb. 11
  • Europe – Feb. 11
  • Japon – Will be determined soon
  • Korea – Jan. 30
  • Latin America(LATAM) – Jan. 26
  • North America – Feb. 3-7
  • MENA – Will be determined soon
  • SEA – Feb. 5
  • Turkey – Feb. 11

Teams who will take place in the VALORANT Challengers stage will be determined through open qualifiers for each region. Each Challenger stage will consist of three tournaments and a final taking place over six weeks. Featuring eight teams in every tournament, the Challenger state will end with the Challenger Final tournament, which will contain the best eight teams of the region. 

The second stage of VALORANT Champions Tour, VALORANT Masters, will be held at the end of each VALORANT Challengers, and it’s going to be regional due to COVID-19. After each Masters event, there will be an event break to allow players to recharge and prevent burnout.

When VCT starts, Syft will be the place where you can follow all the tournaments. Stay tuned.

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