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Riot Games Reveals Mid-Season Invitational 2021 Group Stage

Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games

With League of Legends’ first international event in 2021, the Mid-Season Invitational( MSI), soon to be underway, Riot Games unveiled the groups and the structure of the event. MSI 2021 is going to start on May 6 and last until May 22.

The Mid-Season Invitational is one of the global events of League of Legends, which started being held in 2015 for regional champion teams to participate in. Featuring a different system this year, the tournament was canceled last year due to COVID-19 pandemic. 

Unlike the previous years, MSI 2021 won’t feature the play-in stage this year. Instead, the tournament will start with the group stage where all teams are separated into three different groups that contain four teams each:

  • Group A: LPL, VCS, LCL, LCO
  • Group B: LEC, PCS, TCL, CBLOL
  • Group C: LCK, LCS, LLA, LJL

LPL, LEC and LCK are the higher seed regions thanks to their accomplishments in previous global occasions. LCS, PCS and VCS took the second seeds; LCL, LLA and TCL followed them with third seeds, and CBLOL, LJL and LCO completed the team list as fourth seeds.

Every match in the group stage will be played as best-of-ones within the double round robin in which all teams will face each other twice. At the end, the top two teams of each group will qualify for Stage 2.

Stage 2 is called “Rumble,” featuring six teams similar to previous MSI main stages. Only the top four teams can get through to Stage 3, where the semifinals and grand final will be placed. There won’t be a lower bracket in Stage 3 and all games will be played as best-of-fives.

MSI 2021 is the second event that Riot Games is holding offline during the pandemic since the company organized Worlds 2020 in China in September of 2020. Barring any changes, the tournament will take place in Iceland.

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