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Riot Games Revealed the New Agent of VALORANT Will Be a Controller

Instead of League of Legends, Riot Games has preferred to develop its FPS title, VALORANT, with community help. In order to strengthen the connection between the title and its players, the company often shares development articles in which it tells future plans for the game. On February 12, Riot published one more and unveiled that the new agent will be a controller.

Courtesy of Riot Games

The developers have mentioned in the past that they aim to publish a brand new agent in every new act. With the start of Episode 2’s Act 1, Yoru entered our lives as the 14th agent of the game and amazed us thanks to his ability to become invisible alongside his propensity to teleport. As you know, time flies: there are only 15 days to the end of E2’s Act 1. Therefore, whispers of the upcoming agent have already started.

In their “State of the Agents” article, Riot Games let loose what players expected: information about the 15th agent. According to Riot, the agent will be a controller. “Our next Controller is a cosmic shift from the play patterns you’ve grown accustomed to,” Riot said. “This one is for all you galaxy brain players out there that like to study everything that happens on a map.”

Valorant blue guy 1
Courtesy of Riot Games

Riot loves pushing the boundaries when it comes to agents’ abilities in VALORANT. Unfortunately, the developers haven’t shared any sneak-peaks or leaks about our controller on the way, but it looks like we can expect unusual things. Maybe an ability to create portals? Symmetra, is that you?

Episode 2 Act 1 of VALORANT will be over on March 1, and the next episode will begin right after that, as assumed. Since there isn’t much time left to get there, more details will come soon.

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