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Riot Games Needs to Fix Valorant Ranked Mode

Playing an online multiplayer game creates different emotions in every turn, although the basics remain the same. However, the only thing I’ve been feeling recently after playing Valorant is regret. The competitive mode of the FPS is in its worst state and this has to be fixed as soon as possible to protect the quality of the game.

Courtesy of Riot Games

As a person who’s been enjoying grinding in competitive modes of various titles for a long time, I’m at the edge of losing my interest in playing Valorant. It’s not because I don’t like losing, it’s because of the low quality of the matches in the ranked mode. Whether in winning or losing, eight games out of 10 feel one-sided. It’s frustrating to see last year’s biggest title become a monotonous task.

Courtesy of Riot Games

5-Stack Squad vs. Solo Queue

Valorant’s development team has been working hard to bring fresh changes into the game since the closed beta. In every new episode, players are met with new features and provide mostly positive feedback. However, the main problem is the structure of the competitive mode, which allows you to play as a whole squad until you get high ranks in the leaderboard, not that the game is getting old.

Valorant made it so you can only play as a solo or duo after Diamond 3, as five-stack teams aren’t allowed above that rank. When players, who played all of their games with a complete squad, reach high ranks and try to play all alone, they struggle to adapt to the level of the competition since they don’t deserve to be there. This decreases the quality as well as the joy of the mode.

I’m not blaming anyone except Riot Games. Playing with friends is fun and everyone wants to do that. Riot needs to add a different competitive mode for 5v5 and separate it from the Solo Queue, then reset all players’ ELOs completely after bringing the change.

Courtesy of Blizzard

Role Queue

Riot Games should start a campaign with streamers and content creators to explain the pros of every role to increase the players’ interest in playing other roles except duelists. Otherwise, I feel like Valorant will need a role queue similar to Overwatch in the future to prevent losing users. 

When Blizzard’s Overwatch was launched in 2016, players were excited to try something new. However, the hype didn’t last forever and the title started to lose its popularity among the gaming community. Besides being hard to follow as a viewer, users were sick of the competitive mode of Overwatch due to everyone trying to be the hero in matches; no one was respecting their roles. Therefore people quit playing the game. In 2019, Blizzard announced the role queue, making players select their role before the match and each role has an individual leaderboard. It considerably stopped the bleeding and improved the competition.

Courtesy of Riot Games

Matchmaking Has to be Fixed

Matchmaking is one of the elements in which Riot Games is not good enough. After 2016-17, League of Legends players started to suffer from the poor matchmaking system. Matches are not fair, players are not equal to each other and all competitive games are about being lucky in having better teammates. It’s a coin flip. Unfortunately, Valorant has the same problem with League of Legends. Even though Riot’s officials say that they try to enhance the systems, I see no differences throughout the years.

When Valorant was first revealed, I was so excited as a player and a writer. It’s sad to see that the game I was excited for became less and less enjoyable. There is nothing to do except hope Riot Games will fix the issues soon.

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