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Riot Games Changes VCT EU Challengers Qualifiers Format

Riot Games’ first global competition within Valorant, Valorant Champions Tour, has begun all around the world with open qualifiers. In fact, most regions are already preparing for their second qualifiers for Challengers 2. However, there was a rule which annoyed all of the European players who wanted to compete in the global arena, and now, Riot has changed it. With the beginning of Challengers 2, the best-of-three series will start from the round-of-128, rather than from the round-of-32.

Valorant EU VCT Rules 1
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

This alteration has been preferred by most of the participants in Europe. After some of the strongest teams of the region got eliminated in the best-of-ones, this became the only hot topic of the Valorant community. While teams start to play best-of-threes from round-of-128 in North America, European competitors had to pass three rounds to reach best-of-three series. 

EU Valorant challengers format 1
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

After the change, the open qualifiers will start with 232 teams instead of 256. Participants will start their best-of-threes in the round two, which will contain 128 teams including 12 teams from the previous qualifier. Another adjustment has been made related to round five: while eight teams out of 16 will continue their way to the play-ins, the other eight teams which couldn’t make it through play-ins will get a guaranteed slot for the next qualifier and start off in the round-of-128. 

Play-in teams will also be affected by this alteration. Since there are only four teams that can qualify to the main event, the four teams which don’t reach the main event will also get a guaranteed slot for the next qualifier and start off in the round-of-128.

“The goal of the VCT is to determine the best of the best in their respective region. We don’t want to limit the tournament to 128 teams but give more participants an opportunity to prove themselves,” Riot said.

The changes will be in effect from the next qualifying phase starting on Tuesday, Feb. 16, in EU and Tuesday, Feb. 23, in CIS and Turkey. Besides, there will be a one-time exception in the upcoming qualifier; Riot will put 14 teams into the round-of-128 instead of 12 since there were several great teams which got eliminated in last week’s qualifier.

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