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Riot Games Announces New Developments to League of Legends: Wild Rift

At the start of 2020, Riot Games announced Wild Rift – a new mobile game serving as a pocket sized version of the hit PC game, League of Legends. Now in 2021, Wild Rift is looking to expand its market. Let’s take a look at what’s coming to League of Legends: Wild Rift.

Photo and all subsequent photos courtesy of Riot Games

America: You’re Up Next

After months of delay, it was announced that Open Beta will head over to the Americas starting in March of this year. This comes after other regions have had access to the game for several months now.

Wild Rift Champion Select - YouTube

Wild Rift Adds to the Roster

In a video, developer Brian Feeny revealed that they will be looking to add two new champions a month to Wild Rift. This month, players will see the addition of Katarina and Rammus to the game

To better fit the mobile game, each of these champions will add some new features to their mechanics. For example, Katarina’s ult will allow her to move around the map instead of staying in place. Rammus’s ult will bounce him up in the air and slam him down with his Tremors ability.

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Furthermore, Dr. Mundo will be added to the game later in the year. It will probably follow the new VGU, similar to League of Legends’ overhaul.

Redefining the Client and Cosmetics

Much like the upgrades in the client for League on the PC, the Wild Rift shop will also be getting some quality of life changes, including itemization options.

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In addition, new skins will be added over a period of time in different collaborations with events such as the Lunar Beast line. According to the Dev team, there will be a new Miss Fortune skin in Wild Rift exclusive to the app.

New Modes = Running it Down

Another highlight is the addition of All Random, All Mid (or ARAM) to the map selection. With this addition, there will be new game modes similar to how League sets up on the PC

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The Yordle Expedition


Finally, the biggest announcement comes from the year’s first event. Riot announced that the Yordle Expedition would be added to the game this year, adding five champions, Lulu, Corki, Kennen, Tristana, and Teemo. The addition of the champions expand the lore of the Yordles and unlock some brand new in-game content exclusive to the game.

With open beta for North America coming soon, we can’t wait to cover the game when it is released.

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