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Riot Games Announces Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel

After days of videos and teasers, Riot Games has officially unveiled League of Legends newest champion. Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel is the 156th champion to be added to the League universe and the second champion to be developed for 2021.

Akshan LoL 1
Courtesy of Riot Games

Akshan is League’s newest non-conventional Marksman following the design of Samira. He was teased earlier this year in the Champion Roadmaps as a grappling hook-wielding Marksman with an eye for vengeance. With abilities to stealth, gap close and even revive allied champions, Akshan is sure to hook onto many fan’s expectations for what League champions can do.

Let’s take a look at his abilities and latch on to the Rogue Sentinel’s kit.

Passive – Dirty Fighting

Every three hits deals a burst of physical damage. If the target was a champion, Akshan gains a shield. After attacking, Akshan fires a second attack that deals reduced physical damage. If Akshan cancels the second shot, he gains a burst of move speed.

Q – Avengerang

Akshan throws a boomerang that deals physical damage and reveals enemies hit, extending its range each time it hits an enemy. Enemies can be hit once as the boomerang goes out and once as it returns.

W – Going Rogue

Passive: When enemy champions kill one of Akshan’s allies, they are marked as Scoundrels. When he gets a takedown on a Scoundrel he gains bonus gold; all allies killed by the Scoundrel are resurrected at their base, and Scoundrel status is removed.

Active: Akshan becomes camouflaged for a short duration, or indefinitely while near terrain. During this time, Akshan can see trails leading toward Scoundrels and gains move speed and mana regeneration while moving toward them.

E – Heroic Swing

Akshan fires a hookshot that embeds in the first terrain hit. While embedded, he can recast to swing around the terrain in the cast direction, firing physical damage bullets at the nearest enemy while swinging. While swinging, he can recast again to jump off.

R – Comeuppance

Akshan locks onto an enemy champion and begins channeling power into his gun to store bullets. At the end of the duration or after recasting, he unleashes the stored bullets, dealing physical damage based on missing health.

Akshan Skin 1
Courtesy of Riot Games

Also coming with Akshan is a continuation of the Cyber Pop theme with his release skin being Cyber Pop Akshan.

Akshan will play an integral part in not only the lore against Viego but also against enemy champions on the rift. With a unique ability to revive players as well as intricate grappling abilities, skilled players will find themselves attached to this marksman when he drops to the live realm.

Akshan is expected to hit the PBE later this week and will be released alongside Patch 11.15 in mid-July.

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