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Riot Games Announces 2021 LCS Format

After weeks of rumors of a format change for the North American League of Legends Championship Series, the LCS officially announced a new format for the North American Series.

This photo, and all photos featured in this article, courtesy of Riot Games

The biggest change is the removal of the Spring and Summer Splits. Instead, a single split will be broken into three mini-tournaments and multiple round robins to determine the winners for the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational and Worlds later in the year.

LCS Lock-In

The first tournament held this year will be the LCS Lock-in, held from January 15 to January 31. This is a tournament that will determine initial glory as well as raise money for charities. Teams will be divided into a group picked by the finalists of last year’s Summer Finals and a double round robin tournament will be played to determine the knock-out stage. Then, the top teams from each group will participate in a knockout tournament to determine the winner of the Miniature tournament.

LCS Format1
Riot Games Announces 2021 LCS Format 6

Splits 1 and 2: How The Spring and Summer Will Work

Following the LCS Lock-In as well as MSI, the Spring and Summer will be combined into one long split. The Spring Split will take place from February 5 to March 14 with a Mid Season Showdown to determine the representative for MSI.

LCS Format2
Riot Games Announces 2021 LCS Format 7

The Summer Split will take place from June 4 to August 1 with a Championship Playoff bracket to determine the representatives for Worlds 2020.

LCS Format3
Riot Games Announces 2021 LCS Format 8

Three Days of LCS Action

The biggest change for the spring and summer is that there will be five games each day for three days for the remaining weeks of the spring. Friday Night League will be later in the day while weekend LCS will take place at the usual time.

LCS Format4
Riot Games Announces 2021 LCS Format 9

We look forward to these changes and how they will impact the future of the LCS and international play.

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