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The Return of Them Rundown – DST drops Eye of the Storm

With an ominously vague update trailer and a new series trailer, Charlie is bringing about the end of an era. The season finale for Return of Them, aptly named Eye of the Storm, went live for Don’t Starve Together on May 5, 2021. A new endgame boss fight ties together a lot of the moon island content and provides even more mysteries for our survivors to puzzle over. 

Return of Them
all media used courtesy of Klei Entertainment

The overarching Return of Them update series is a free DST expansion released as a sequence of content updates themed around the newfound boat mechanics, Moon island biomes, and creatures that live there. The first update, Turn of the Tides, released in August 2019, and Eye of the Storm marks the eighth and final update of RoT nearly a full year later. It’s a great time for players to join in on the fun, with numerous new challenges for old and new players alike. But where to start? Let’s talk official descriptions.

Klei Entertainment presents the following as a general description for Return of Them

“Charlie’s machinations have come to a head as she turns her attention towards the skies – and the mysterious entity that awaits there. Our Survivors will be forced to contend with terrifying monstrosities beyond their comprehension, and yet, there may be a silver lining: their minds and horizons will be expanded under the sublime light of an ancient moon.”

Every update got its own small hint of what’s to come in the form of a teaser.

Return of Them
The Return of Them Rundown - DST drops Eye of the Storm 9

Turn of the Tides

“Something ancient stirs in the night sky, and the world below will never be the same. A strange new island teeming with life has appeared, and with it, a whole new slew of challenges for our Survivors to face.

Keep a wary eye out. They’re almost here.”

Players often need to search the seas quite a bit to find The Lunar Biome.An island only accessible by boat which features unique materials, creatures, and crafts, the biome is high-risk, high-reward. Whether it’s worth it or not to venture out into the open seas, only the players can decide. 

Return of Them
The Return of Them Rundown - DST drops Eye of the Storm 10

Salty Dog

“Welcome to the brine shoals. Filled with the new salt rock resource, survivors looking to stretch the life of their food with this new spice will need to brave the dreaded Cookie Cutters. And watch out for the Malbatross. Getting on its bad side will be a weight around anyone’s neck.

Facing these new dangers and coming home with the goods will make you a real salty dog!” 

The brine shoals have salt formations useful for the cooking entrepreneur back at camp, but the Cookie Cutter swarms will sink your ship in a flash if you’re not careful. As with all the boss monsters of DST, the Malbatross is not to be taken lightly, although its loot drops will speed up your seafaring. 

Return of Them
The Return of Them Rundown - DST drops Eye of the Storm 11

Hook, Line and Inker

“A nice day of fishing sounded like just the thing to soothe the nerves of our weary Survivors, but it looks like fish aren’t the only things that are biting. Luckily there’s something to distract them from their soggy seafaring sorrows – the return of Winter’s Feast! And this year it seems that the Constant has provided its own assortment of holiday gifts… could it be that a certain someone is feeling particularly jolly this year?”

I’m loving the puns, and being able to fish out of more than just the ponds means a source of food while out at sea. Winter’s Feast is a yearly seasonal event in DST similar to Christmas and other winter holidays. 

Return of Them
The Return of Them Rundown - DST drops Eye of the Storm 12

She Sells Sea Shells

“Far out past the familiar shores of the mainland, something is waiting for our Survivors. What would you do for the thing you treasure most?”

The Crabby Hermit, Pearl, requires a series of quests and favors to befriend, but her rewards are necessary at the end of everything. She’s a fun NPC, and possibly even a direction for the next playable character. But for now, let’s leave the crabby old lady alone. 

Return of Them
The Return of Them Rundown - DST drops Eye of the Storm 13

Troubled Waters

“The seas seem to grow more dangerous with every passing day. Is this the work of Charlie, or is the strange, mutating influence of the moon growing stronger? Let’s hope our Survivors can stay afloat long enough to find out.”

More dangers are hidden in the ocean depths in the form of both Rock Jaw Sharks and nightmares to lift up our anchor in the dead of night. Like the sea wasn’t dangerous enough already!

Return of Them
The Return of Them Rundown - DST drops Eye of the Storm 14

Forgotten Knowledge

“It seems that the chunk of moon that crashed into the ocean did more than create a new island, but broke through to the caves below as well, revealing previously sealed passageways that had sat undiscovered by our Survivors. What ancient secrets might be kept within?”

Our quest to the moon brings us back to the depths of the caves to find Distilled Knowledge, the Astral Detector, and the final pieces of the Moon Alters puzzle.

Return of Them
The Return of Them Rundown - DST drops Eye of the Storm 15

Reap What You Sow

“The days have been filled with tilling and toil,
Gathering seeds and nourishing soil,
In hopes that the crops will produce at their best,
(Just make sure that you keep a sharp eye out for pests!)”

The farming update! Originally not part of the greater Return of Them series, Reap What you Sow reworked farming as a whole, so be sure to check out our guide on all the changes there. 

Eye of the Storm

“With the three lunar altars now complete, the truth at the center of this ancient mystery will finally come to light…

They’ve been here all along.

With this conclusion of the Return of Them story arc, worlds collide as old threats and familiar faces make themselves known.

As this chapter comes to an end, we’re left to wonder to what end will Charlie’s machinations bring our survivors. And what does she still have planned?”

And finally, the bombshell which brings us here today. Eye of the Storm ties together the three lunar altars and forces our survivors to awaken whatever lurks in the Moon itself, unleashing moonstorms all across the Constant. Meanwhile, an almost hologram-like Wagstaff uses the Survivors for his own machinations and machines, testing… something. 

Where do we go from here? What is Charlie doing? And where in the world does Wagstaff come into play? Thus far, Wagstaff’s mainly been a fixture of Don’t Starve, not Don’t Starve Together. Now, he’s serving as a grainy transmission in the second game? The future holds countless questions, but all we as players can do is survive to see it. Until next time: don’t starve! 

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