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Resident Evil Village’s game demo is absolutely wild

Even though Resident Evil: Village does not come out for a little while longer, you are able to play a demo that was released by the developers of the game. This demo has you control a different character then you will control in the real game so nothing you do spoils anything. The demo is PS5 exclusive, but the full game will be on all new- and last-generation consoles.

Resident Evil Village 1
Courtesy of Charlie INTEL

Resident Evil 7 also had a demo that had a lot of similarities to this new one. After playing both, I think that the Village demo is slightly better, but that just may be because I have been waiting for so long to get my hands on anything that has to do with this game. For those of you who have still not played or watched others play this demo, now is your chance to leave before you get any spoilers. But then make sure to come back after you played it to finish this article.

You start out in a dungeon that you must escape. No part of this demo is at all difficult, so I will leave out the steps that you must take. If you want a more detailed walkthrough, this website has all the steps. 

After you escape the dungeon, you are tasked with escaping the cellar as a whole. Now here is where it gets fun: your next task is to escape the castle to your freedom, but any fan of the series can probably guess that this unlucky prisoner is not going to make it out in this demo. The demo serves as sort of a pregame scenario that gives us a little background to the castle where we will be spending a lot of the game in. 

Once you go around the castle doing some tasks and finding keys, you will be on your way to the exit when one of the sisters keeping you captive attacks you. You are able to get away and run to the door, but once you get there, you are in for a pretty scary surprise. 

Although there is no way for you to complete the game without dying, this demo sets up the real game very well. If you have not played the demo and have a PS5, I would highly recommend giving it a go. It is a quick little playthrough but has all the Resident Evil goodies we have come to love over the years.

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