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Resident Evil: Village will have a multiplayer mode

While the Resident Evil series is mostly known for its terrifying campaign, the upcoming game in the series will also have a multiplayer mode. The mode will be free for anyone who buys the full game, so there is no need to worry about having to pay for it. The mode will be called Resident Evil RE:Verse and will allow players to play as well-known characters throughout the Resident Evil series. While we do not know all of the characters available in the mode, from the trailer, we could see Chris Redfield, Jill and Claire Valentine and Leon Kennedy will be included. We could also see in the trailer that some villains from the series will be in the mode: both Jack Baker from Resident Evil 7 and Nemesis were featured.

Resident Evil
Courtesy of Capcom

This is not the first time Resident Evil has made a multiplayer mode. The last multiplayer came in the remake of Resident Evil 3 and was called Resident Evil Resistance. In this mode, 4 players were tasked with taking down a hard enemy. RE: Verse looks to be more of a classic multiplayer combat game where players will be set against each other instead of a mutual enemy.

Despite the regular part of the upcoming game being really hyped up, fans do not seem as excited for the multiplayer. In fact, the general consensus is that the mode looks cheap and not very well put together. We are not even 100% sure the mode will be released with the original release of the game, which is set to come May 7th 2021.

Whether or not the multiplayer portion of this game will live up to the campaign will just have to be seen. Either way, I appreciate Resident Evil at least trying to add more to their games even if fans don’t have much faith in it. I truly hope the mode will end up suprising players and actually be good.

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