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Regular Season LPL Raid Boss: EDward Gaming

Before the 2021 season started a couple of months ago, EDward Gaming announced one of the biggest signings of the year, Viper. With Viper’s incredible individual performance and fast accommodation, EDG has been unstoppable during the regular season and the team continues its dominance during the Summer Split.

Courtesy of Riot Games

On top of Viper, the team kept Meiko, Scout and Jiejie, and added Flandre to the top side of the map, one of the best moves in the organization’s history. We have seen Deft and Pawn play for this team and win MSI before, but with the improving facilities and forming of a super team has been getting more difficult and difficult. EDG’s coaching staff managed to achieve it and now are benefiting from it. 

Spring Split 

Last split, EDward Gaming finished the regular season just behind Royal Never Give Up with 13 wins and three losses. The team was the biggest favorite alongside RNG to win the league and represent China in MSI. However, EDG faced two losses during the playoff bracket against FunPlus Phoenix and Royal Never Give Up, so the MSI dreams fell off. 

Courtesy of GamePedia

Summer Split

This split, the regular-season dominance continued with the same roster and goal. Thanks to RNG’s MSI performance, LPL will send an extra team to this year’s Worlds, and EDG will probably be one of them with the dominance it has shown so far. EDward Gaming has won 10 series and dropped two. In these 12 series, it won 20 games and lost only five, strengthening its leadership with an 80% win rate in maps and 83% in series. Unfortunately, RNG made a comeback to the league with a huge winning streak and its last victim was EDG; however, that result did not change the standings.


Jiejie and Viper are fourth and fifth in terms of KDA with a 7.5 and 6.9, respectively. EDward Gaming is the leader of the K/D stats as a team with 1.82, 0.40 more than its closest competitor, LNG Esports. We all know how Chinese players play the game, lots of skirmishes and fights, especially in the early stages, and EDG is the best team to do that in the league as the players get 16.9 kills per game. 

EDward Gaming is the leader right now, but just like the last split, we may see ups and downs in terms of performance. There is a reason this team is a “regular season raid boss” and not a whole split contender. We will see if this changes in the upcoming weeks.

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