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Red Bull Announces VALORANT Red Bull Campus Clutch For University Students

There are many companies which support esports in some way, and Red Bull is a prominent figure in the industry. Besides sponsoring certain esports teams and players, the beverage brand also takes place in the scene by organizing tournaments. This time, Red Bull is going to provide a VALORANT tournament special to university players called the Red Bull Campus Clutch.

Red Bull Campus Clutch 1
Photo courtesy of Red Bull

VALORANT is one of the outstanding competitive titles of the year. Riot Games’ FPS has been the center point of many tournaments since its launch, and these numbers will increase in 2021 for sure. However, this is the first time a company regulates a VALORANT event for university students by partnering up with Riot Games.

More than 50 countries and over 300 universities will take places in the event, according to Red Bull. Players will find a chance to represent their campuses alongside showing off their talents. Even though additional details are still unknown, the tournament will contain three different stages: the Qualifiers, National Finals and World Final. After these challenging steps, students will step up in the global arena of VALORANT.

“Campus Clutch will unite thousands of students from more than 50 countries and regions within a single global tournament, further ensuring that VALORANT players of all levels have access to top-tier organized competition,” Riot Games’ Senior Director of Esports Whalen Rozelle told Dexerto. “Red Bull has been an incredible partner of League of Legends esports and we’re thrilled to grow our partnership with them into VALORANT.”

There are different qualifiers, which last until May 23, for the occasion which has a $20,000 prize pool. You can find the dates from here and sign up your team for the competition.

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