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Reaper Job Officially Announced for Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV
Courtesy of Square Enix

Earlier this year on February 5, the Final Fantasy XIV Announcement Showcase revealed the newest expansion Endwalker coming to the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. Endwalker was further revealed to be bringing two new jobs to the game, including the Sage job, which was revealed immediately at the Announcement Showcase. Now the second job has been unveiled as the brand new Reaper job.

Final Fantasy XIV
Courtesy of Square Enix

The Reaper job is an original, never-before-seen job in the Final Fantasy series exclusive to Final Fantasy XIV. This, along with the Sage, will be the newest jobs to come to the MMORPG with the Endwalker expansion. The role of the Reaper job is melee DPS and the melee subclass armor will be the same as that of the Dragoon job.

The primary weapon for this role will be the two-handed scythe, which is also the Reaper’s main source of damage. Like the Sage Healer job, there is no required class to be able to play as a Reaper. In order to obtain the Reaper job, players must have the Endwalker expansion and have at least one other job at Level 70, the starting level for the Reaper. 

In battle, Reapers wield two-handed scythes to engage in dynamic close-quarter combat. While the scythe is its main source of damage, Reapers may call upon power from the lifeless world – an avatar from the void. They may also serve as hosts for these avatars, with a large element of the Reaper gameplay being the channeling and use of this power of the voidsent as their own in combat. 

The job quests will subsequently begin in the Ul’dah location. It was also revealed that character Zenos yae Galvus will appear in Endwalker as a Reaper. The Reaper job along with the Sage Healer job will be released with the upcoming Endwalker expansion for Final Fantasy XIV in Fall 2021.  More information is expected to be revealed at a later date.

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