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BK Stand Up!! Rasta La Vistah is now Sponsored by G FUEL

One of BK’s finest, Rasta La Vistah, is now officially partnered with the official energy drink of esports. Rasta a.k.a. the CoD bully, a.k.a. Wesley Snipes, a.k.a. {one of many nicknames}, made the announcement on May 21 via Twitter.

The Brooklyn native made his name as a partnered standout on Facebook Gaming with over 220,000 followers. Rasta’s unbridled passion and engaging persona helped vault him into last year’s FaZe 5 top 100 in a competition with over 200,000 participants. Fellow top 100 alums Absorber and actingliketommy also secured G FUEL partnerships all within a couple weeks of each other.

rasta la vistah
Courtesy of Rasta La Vistah

As a full-time active-duty Navy officer who’s also a cracked gamer, Rasta has cemented himself as a multi-faceted personality in the gaming scene. His dynamic content and good vibes have also helped the content creator secure previous partnerships with gaming eyewear brand Gamer Advantage as well as AimControllers, one of the largest brands supplying Sony and Microsoft controllers.

His passion for spreading happiness and pulling people out of dark places in life, as well as his supportive community, has fueled the streamer to new heights. We support him wholeheartedly as he adds another well-deserved accolade to his resume. #ForTheCulture 

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