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Rare Atom Upsets Suning, Secures First LPL Win

Prior to the 2021 season, Vici Gaming announced its rebrand to Rare Atom and picked up Taiwanese mid laner FoFo, looking even more scary on paper. After a sad loss in the first week, Rare Atom managed to upset Suning and got its first win in the 2021 season. Considering this season is Rare Atom’s first, the organization picked up its first win in the franchise history.

Rare Atom Win 1
Photo courtesy of Rare Atom

Game 1

FoFo picked Zoe once again, and we all know how dangerous he is with this champion. The Taiwanese mid laner decided to join Aix and teleported to the top lane, which made Bin vulnerable and Rare Atom secured the first blood. Cube had a massive lead over Bin. Rare Atom was the side who pulled the trigger in many positions and actually benefited from these plays. RA kept its lead throughout the game and increased the gold gap slowly but safely. Suning couldn’t answer Rare Atom’s moves and lost the game in a traumatic 30-minute time. 

Game 2

Suning decided to stick with the first game’s draft and made a few changes but kept the same game plan. Aix’s first visit was to the top lane again so Bin had difficult early games in both matches. FoFo got a little lead in the early game and it snowballed really quickly. Angel and SOFM made huge mistakes, which cost them a Baron. After losing the Baron buff, Suning found three kills, but this play didn’t really help it in the end. Rare Atom sieged Suning’s towers easily and closed the game in 42 minutes.

Last year’s best teams, Top Esports and Suning, are both 1-2 now, while Team WE and EDG are sharing the top spot after winning all three games. LPL looks even more competitive this year with some of these surprising results. 

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