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Raise Your Edge Gaming’s Valorant Roster Moved Over to Acend

While we’re heading to VCT 2021 Masters 1, alterations keep coming in the scene. One of the participants of Europe Masters 1, Raise Your Edge Gaming (RYE), announced that its Valorant roster is no longer with the organization. The players will fight under the “ACEND” flag from now on.

RYE Valorant Change 1
Courtesy of Acend

After the successful run in Challengers 3, nobody expected this handover; however, the change has no bond with the squad’s performance as Raise Your Edge Gaming said in the statement. The organization revealed that the decision has been made due to restrictions of sponsorships. 

“Due to terms and restrictions regarding sponsorships, we had to make this decision so that this great roster could still participate in Masters,” RYE said. “We are sure they will perform great under the ACEND flag.”

The Raise Your Edge Gaming Valorant roster was funded by Raise Your Edge itself, which is a company related to gambling, and most developers still don’t lean toward the organizations that have a bond with gambling in esports. Nevertheless, no change in the roster has been made. The players are going to compete in VCT 2021 Masters 1 while remaining the same, but only under a different organization. 

The squad was gathered together at the end of January to take place in Challengers qualifiers. Despite putting a strong performance in the first two Challengers, they couldn’t earn a spot for Masters 1. In Challengers 3, the mixed team managed to get over the hump and qualified for Masters 1 by defeating OG in the last step. Now they will face tougher competitors in Masters 1 which started on March 12. 

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