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Queen Launches their First-Ever Mobile Game, “Queen: Rock Tour”

Courtesy of Gamesloft

In 2020, Queen had the hopes of celebrating their 50th anniversary by going on “The Rhapsody Tour” with Adam Lambert. For obvious reasons, they had to postpone their European tour again and again, with the dates now being for 2022. Guitarist Brian May made sure that their fans knew every member of the band was “gutted” to have to reschedule their tour. “It’s not an outcome any of us wanted,” said May in a public statement on social media.

Not long after the tour was postponed yet again, a short video appeared on both Brian May’s and drummer Roger Taylor’s Instagram accounts with CGI-animated renditions of the band members in their classic Bohemian Rhapsody formation. The video included a written message saying, “This year they will rock you on mobile. 1st March.” Fans began to speculate that a Queen mobile game was in the works. Once the date came and passed, their predictions came true with the release of Queen: Rock Tour.

The game is a tap-along rhythm app which gives users the chance to have a “good old fashioned live experience” while in lockdown. Points are scored by accurately tapping tiles along to 20 of Queen’s greatest hits, including We Will Rock You, We Are the Champions, Another One Bites the Dust, and Bohemian Rhapsody. Players will initially have access to three songs while the remaining songs are available for in-app purchases.

The game lets you choose to play as each member of Queen during 10 pivotal points of their performing career, such as The Rainbow in 1974, The Summit in 1977, Olymphialle in 1980, Rio de Janeiro in 1985, and The Magic Tour in 1986. Players also have the option of purchasing costumes and emotes from the in-game store to stylize their live performances.

It’s been a long time since there has been a popular tap-based rhythm game in the gaming market, and Queen has the star power to make this game a potential success. According to Gameloft creative director Cedric Ratajczak, “the creative challenge was to modernize the traditional rhythm-game genre with innovative and mobile-friendly twist inheriting from hyper-casual gaming, and with a unique and happy visual style that offers a timeless look to the band, appealing to the new generation of players. We devoted enormous attention to the details of Queen’s history, authenticity and artistry to craft a fitting tribute to one of the most significant bands in rock history.”

Queen: Rock Tour is now officially out and available for free download from Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store.

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