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PUBG Corp. Announces Fully Offline PUBG Global Invitationals

The COVID-19 outbreak has changed nearly every ordinary process in esports and forced companies to organize online events instead of offline ones. But a few of them have pushed the limits, creating an original environment and aiming to bring the entertainment of an offline tournament to the fans. PUBG Corp. has led this charge, announcing the PUBG Global Invitational.S which will be held in South Korea in 2021.

PUBG Corp.
Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp.

The eight-week-long offline event will be hosted between February 5th and March 28th. PUBG Corp. plans to create an NBA-like bubble and apply full safety measures to keep everyone safe during the tournament. The participants, including players and staff, will go into a two-week quarantine period before the occasion.

PUBG Global Invitational.S will feature thirty two teams from all over the world: 

  • North America: 4 Teams
  • Europe: 7 Teams
  • China: 6 Teams
  • Japan: 2 Teams
  • Chinese Taipei: 2 Teams
  • South Korea: 4 Teams
  • Southeast Asia: 5 Teams
  • Latin America: 2 Teams

These teams will compete with each other in two different formats: Weekly Survival and Weekly Finals. In the first week, thirty-two teams will play decisive matches to obtain a spot in the top sixteen to qualify for Weekly Survivals, which will start in the Week 2. Every week is going to contain sixteen Weekly Survival matches, and winners of each of them will grab some of the prize money.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp.

Within the Weekly Finals, which has a larger prize pool than Weekly Survivals, teams are going to play ten separate matches. At the end of the event, the team that holds the most prize money will be crowned as the Global Champion.

According to the announcement, PGI.S will feature a $3.5 million prize pool. However, the total pool can be increased by in-game item sales. 30% of all sales will be added to the tournament’s prize.

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