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PSG.LGD Secures AniMajor Grand Finals, Thunder Predator Qualifies for The International 10

After a week of intense Dota, high hopes, dreams dead and alive, and endless homage to anime, we have our first WePlay AniMajor finalist. PSG.LGD secured its place in a smooth Upper Bracket run, with its only visible challenger being T1.

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Courtesy of WePlay

PSG.LGD sailed through the upper bracket with dominant plays. Alliance stood no chance, losing both games in the series to be relegated to the lower bracket and eventually eliminated from the major by Team Spirit. 

After a gruelling Wild Card run, Team Nigma put up a decent fight against PSG.LGD in the upper bracket, snagging one game in the Bo3. Nigma’s win came from the team capitalizing on PSG’s mid-game mistakes, but it couldn’t outplay the Chinese powerhouse in the third game, being forced to play in the lower bracket for a last-ditch effort at winning the AniMjor.

Team Nigma’s lower bracket run ran into the brick wall that was Evil Geniuses. EG performed nigh perfectly, securing a more-than-comfortable 2-0 victory with both games finishing near the 30-minute mark.

Team Nigma finished sixth in the AniMajor with 300 DPC points to bring its total to 670 DPC points for this season. Unfortunately for Nigma, even though Thunder Predator had not qualified for the AniMajor, it had 800 DPC points.

This means that Team Nigma’s defeat at the hands of EG paved the way for Thunder Predator to become the 12th and final team to qualify for The International 10 via the DPC season.

Regional Open Qualifiers will determine six additional teams qualifying for The International. One team each from Dota’s six regions will compete in The International Regional Open Qualifiers to grab a TI slot. The South American and CIS qualifiers start on June 23, 2021, while other qualifiers will follow soon, running into the second week of July.

In the meantime, the AniMajor Grand Final will take place today. You can catch the official WePlay AniMajor stream here.

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