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PSG.LGD Sweeps WePlay AniMajor Finals Over Evil Geniuses

PSG.LGD’s dominant upper bracket run in the WePlay AniMajor was reminiscent of 2016 Wings Gaming. Littered with odd, off-meta picks and unusual playstyles, LGD was barely challenged throughout the tournament.

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Courtesy of WePlay

Even in the Grand Final, Evil Geniuses could only manage a feeble front against LGD’s tsunami waves crashing against their throne. LGD handily won the AniMajor, 3-0ing EG in the Grand Final.

T1 seemed to be the only team who put up a good show against PSG.LGD. T1 lost 2-1 to PSG.LGD and then its AniMajor run ended in 3rd place, $75,000 and 400 DPC points, after a hard-fought 2-1 loss to EG.

All that hype led up to the rather short AniMajor Grand Final where LGD obliterated EG to win the second and final Major of the Dota Pro Circuit 2021 season.

Game 1

The first game started quite dry. Both teams drew even in lanes, and nothing happened in the first 10 minutes. The only thing seemingly out of place was “Ame” playing safe lane with an axe.

At the 11-minute mark, PSG.LGD traded “y`” and “XinQ” for four of Evil Geniuses’ heroes to take a 2k gold lead. After this, LGD did not dial down its onslaught against EG one bit.

PSG.LGD didn’t give EG an inch off its game, increasing the pace and gold lead with every single fight. EG got choked out of its side of the map as LGD never backed down from fights.

Ame on his Axe and “NothingToSay” on his Razor went beyond Godlike while the rest of the team backed up their burgeoning cores to secure LGD a dominant game 1 victory. PSG.LGD closed the game with a whopping 30-6 score.

Game 2

EG fared much better in the second game against the Chinese powerhouse, but it was exactly in Game 2 when LGD’s gameplay was reminiscent of the high time of Dota that was Wings Gaming in 2016.

EG had the upper hand for most of the game, but PSG.LGD made sure that EG worked hard to stay ahead.

Game 2 started with a bloodbath, kills everywhere. Even though the members of EG were in the lead, you could see them struggling, trying their damndest, racking their brains, pushing themselves to the limit to keep PSG.LGD at bay.

EG’s gold lead kept almost stable at around 9k for most of the game — with the occasional ups and downs — but PSG.LGD fought tooth and nail, alive and kicking right till the late game. At 41 minutes, Abed stole the Aegis in a Rosh-pit team fight, but couldn’t secure EG the breathing room it wanted.

The Rosh pit fight went well for EG right until Ame’s Terrorblade cleaned house off the backs of NothingToSay’s DP and Faith_bian’s Brewmaster creating chaos in the fight. LGD forced three buybacks from EG, nullifying EG’s lead completely. Five minutes later, PSG.LGD was taking pick offs and punishing EG’s mistakes at every step of the way, and finally managed to take the gold lead, suddenly looking as dominant and scary as Game 1.

EG reared its head up a few times, covering up for the blunders as its performance looked shakier and shakier, but the Chinese team didn’t make the same mistakes as EG. LGD took all the right engagements and capitalized on every mistake that EG made.

LGD’s methodical, meticulous approach was evident as it held its cool in every fight, min-maxing its game to the limit, eventually winning the second game against EG as well. It was looking grim for Evil Geniuses as PSG.LGD was one game away from winning the Major.

Game 3

The third game in the series was well in EG’s hands. EG took numerous skirmishes on its terms, slowly gaining a lead in the mid-game and pushing LGD back, making it reconsider its approach to the game; however, LGD’s superiority became more evident with every passing minute.

Much like the first game where EG had a decent lead but one fight cost them the game, the 20-minute mark in Game 3 brought a blast from the past. This time, in the mid-game, PSG.LGD swept EG clean off the face of the Dota map, securing its first lead in the game with a team wipe.

After this point, Faith-bian’s Axe and NothingToSay’s Death Prophet were toying with EG clean in almost every fight while Ame’s Naga Siren became the thorn in EG’ sides.

Once again, LGD showed its dominance as it inched EG closer to its demise with every move, capitalizing on every mistake to close out the third game of the series by a score of 26-11, winning the WePlay AniMajor.

Both teams will be facing each other in the upcoming The International 10, which will be held in August in Stockholm, Sweden. LGD will be going to TI10 with 1300 DPC points, right behind EG with 1700. In its current form, LGD sure looks like it might be taking the crown for itself in August.

Twelve teams going to The International 10 have been finalized with the conclusion of the second Major of the Dota Pro Circuit 2021 season. The International Regional Open Qualifiers will begin later this month to determine the final six teams that will be going to the International. IceFrog should be dropping a new gameplay patch in the coming days.

Stay tuned for more hype Dota. In the meantime, enjoy this masterpiece:

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