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PS5 is Leveling the Playing Field with Anti-Cheat Tools

Courtesy of Sony

As gaming technology continues to evolve courtesy of the brilliant minds of industry moguls like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, gamers like you and me are experiencing the resulting splendors of their innovation. But as far as each company has taken us, there remains a problem with gamers who choose not to play by the rules.

In an effort to protect all members in the gaming ecosystem—players and creators alike—Sony is rolling out an initiative which will see Denuvo anti-cheat tools integrated into PS5 consoles. 
In a statement from Irdeto, one of the world’s premier digital security companies, the company announced it would be joining forces with the PlayStation®5 Tools and Middleware program. The move will hopefully alleviate the frustration of some 77% of gamers who expressed having been kicked out of online play due to cheating, according to a Global Gaming Survey.

Courtesy of Walt Disney

The move comes with its share of backlash. Those unfamiliar with the Denuco Anti-Cheat program will regret to learn that the technology is deeply ingrained and its invasive nature has worried the gaming community. As with any update of this magnitude, gamers of all types have their own qualms.

For PC users, the move ignites further concern as the program will have direct access to a user’s computer, including delicate personal information. Console users worry less about the exposure of personal intellectual property and more about potential performance issues, although Irdeto promises no issues will be viewed as a byproduct of the tool implementations.

Courtesy of Sony

“Cheating ruins video games for honest players,” says Reinhard Blaukovitsch, managing director of Denuvo, Irdeto. “This can lead to lower engagement, game traffic and shrinking revenues for game publishers. We are really proud to be able to help the world’s most talented developers to bring rich experiences for gamers on PlayStation 5.”

It is an unfortunate reality that the sanctity of gaming is continuously under siege by the likes of hackers and cheaters. While the community is split on the incoming Denuvo Anti-Cheat tools, the goal of the integration remains pure. There is no place in the online universe for gamers with a lack of moral fiber. Hopefully, the software can perform as advertised and help give gamers everywhere the environment they deserve.

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