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Project TRIANGLE STRATEGY In Development for 2022

A new tactical-RPG from Square Enix is announced to be in the works for 2022. 

At the Nintendo Direct on February 17, Square Enix announced a brand new RPG title developed for the Switch, known tentatively as Project TRIANGLE STRATEGY, is slated for release some time in 2022. The title will be another addition to Square Enix’s long line of signature tactical RPGs, full of player decisions that will heavily influence the course of the game. 

Triangle Strategy
All Images Courtesy of Nintendo

A successor of sorts to Octopath Traveler, another Nintendo Switch RPG from Square Enix, Project TRIANGLE STRATEGY will be the newest installment to the HD-2D Series, thus displaying visuals and gameplay congruent to its predecessor. In light of its trailer and tactical RPG style, Project TRIANGLE STRATEGY has emphasized the importance of choice and decision-making in paving the game’s direction. Players must also strategically approach battle and combat in this title. 

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Project TRIANGLE STRATEGY takes place on the continent of Norzelia, which is comprised of three nations, Glenbrook, Aesfrost, and Hyzante. These three nations have constantly been engaged in numerous small disputes over the limited resources of salt and iron on Norzelia, with the conflict escalating into what became known as the Saltiron War. While the aggression was hushed by a rocky truce, a resurgence of the threat decades later would leave peace in the balance. With the fate of Norzelia tangled in the strife of war, scheming, conspiracy, and uncertainty, a band of heroes from Glenbrook set course to challenge these obstacles and ultimately save their homelands. 


Utilizing a tactical combat system, Project TRIANGLE STRATEGY features battles that take place on areas of different terrain and elevation. A player’s range of attack is dependent on their weapon and position in each area of battle. For instance, players may possess a broader field of attack if they are stationed on higher ground and equipped with a long ranged weapon.

Project TRIANGLE STRATEGY also imbues the use of “Follow-Up” attacks in combat, where after dealing a blow to an enemy, an allied force positioned behind them may also inflict damage. This becomes especially useful when engaging in “Coordinated Attacks”, in which players can try to knock enemies into a location where there is an opportunity for a Follow-Up attack. Players can also use the terrain of the battlefield in tandem with magic to enact a coordinated attack and deal damage to foes. Thus, players must examine the battlefields carefully and map out their plan of action. 

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As indicated before, Project TRIANGLE STRATEGY is a title that will rely heavily on the player’s choices throughout the game. The three ideals Utility, Morality, and Liberty are the root values of which choices are based on and will ultimately dictate the player’s “conviction”, affecting not only the course of the story, but influencing individuals that could potentially assist the party. Project TRIANGLE STRATEGY will also employ the “Scale of Convictions”, a mechanic in which high-profile decisions and matters that could determine the fates of the nations are decided by voting and subsequently performed on this scale. Players can actually sway allies to their desired cause through the use of gathered information and essentially alter the course of the story through the power of the vote. The crucial mechanism of choices in Project TRIANGLE STRATEGY effectively makes it a title in which players may journey through several different narrative routes. 

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The new Square Enix tactical RPG Project TRIANGLE STRATEGY is set to launch in 2022, with further information to be announced at later dates. The demo for this title is currently available on the Nintendo eShop and a player feedback survey will subsequently be distributed at a later time. 

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