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Product Manager of Valorant Talks Future of Deathmatch Mode

If you have read some of my Valorant articles, you see that I usually mention the openness from the company to the community. This time, another hot topic was discussed publicly by Jared Berbach, the Product Manager of Valorant. The manager shared Riot’s future plans on a Deathmatch mode in the game.

Valorant Deathmatch 1
Courtesy of Reddit

Deathmatch (DM) takes an important place in every FPS game. Players use this game mode to warm up, practice and just have fun. Even though it’s one of the main modes in Valorant, DM was added to the game quite recently. In August, Riot games announced its release as a basic free-for-all Deathmatch mode.

Since then, every player including professional ones have been using FFA DM, but there are some points that need to be adjusted, even completely changed. On March 7, TSM’s hazed tweeted out and mentioned some alterations he wants on DM. 

“Can I get some ‘24/7 Ascent DM HS ONLY’ type beat.” he said. “I hate having to queue back up, sit through warmup, have people type gg in a dm when it’s over. I wanna have a straight 2 hour session.”

Especially in CS:GO, countless various Deathmatch modes are accessible to players. You can practice your pistol or AWP for 24 hours without any requeue; however, it’s different in Valorant. In Riot Games’ FPS, you’re queing with 14 different players, and when someone grabs 40 kills, the session is over, which means you have to queue up once more. 

Hours later, Jared Berbach retweeted hazed’s tweet and replied to it with a thread in which future plans for DM were explained. The manager referred that there are two different audience types and for the second audience, which wants to warm up consecutively or do what hazed said, there are some tech improvements that should be done. “In order to do this correctly, we need some tech that we’re spinning up and working on: commonly referred to as join in progress.” he said.

Valorant doesn’t have the game service currently, but according to the manager, Riot Games is actively working and planning on this. When the developers have the technology, demanded Deathmatch modes can be brought into the game. “Although that’s significantly more work than the join in progress tech I mentioned above. Yet another entire complex feature, but one we hope to potentially prioritize in the future.”

We’ll definitely see several different game modes in the future, but it’s been only nine months since the release of Valorant, and there are plenty of in-game features that have to be fixed. That being said, I hope this doesn’t take so long, because I’m among the others who are unhappy about the current situation of FFA DM.

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